EngageSales in detail!

Next generation sales management and gamification platform for leading sales teams

Easily apply concepts such as point scoring, badges, leaderboards, challenges, levels and rules of play.



Build sales contests instantly! Engage individuals or teams by choosing the important sales KPIs.



Allow teams or individual sales reps to compete against each other in a season.



Build a series of races and determine your champions. Reward the top ten players!



Assign single or multiple tasks and monitor progress! Great for onboarding and goal setting.

<b>Reward Programs</b>

Reward Programs

Build programs and reward each important activity. Let employees choose their prize!



Reward performance with badges! Mark accomplishment and visualize achievement.



Great visibility and transparency! Broadcast data with displays across multiple locations.



Promote recognition and enhance collaboration by displaying real-time standings!



Capture data on performance! See individual and company level statistics.


Increase activity levels and revenue.

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Make everyone’s results highly visible.

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CRM Adoption and Usage

Extra incentive to update CRM data.

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<b>Competition or Completion</b>


Competition or Completion

Provide the perfect motivation and encouragement your teams need.

Use our different modules and build projects instantly. Take the fun and addicting elements of games and apply them to real-world sales activities.


Define Goals

Get your teams focused on key revenue generating KPIs.

Drive and reward results as: most prospecting calls, highest conversion ratios, most sales visits, highest # of sales, highest sales volume, most profits, etc.

<b>Define Goals</b>
<b>Individual Players or Teams</b>


Individual Players or Teams

Increases personal motivation and boost team morale.

Built projects where sales reps compete against each other and there is one winner or team projects where teams will be rewarded collectively for winning.

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